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    Product development

    We revitalized the sales and outreach of a US-based non-profit by developing an innovative device, which is now the organization's largest revenue generator, second to donations.

    Product Development, Online Marketing

  • Viral promotion

    Our promotional websites, developed in partnership with major media companies like Fox Searchlight and NBC Universal Store, have amassed over 6.5 million visits and counting.

    Social Media Marketing, Web Design

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    Web design

    “Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.” Our websites and apps communicate our clients' vision with ease.

    Typography, Web Design, Development

Digital marketing

10+ years of experience in online marketing with backing certifications from Google and Microsoft.

Business optimization

Analyzing your current business situation and making changes that maximize your potential for success.

Design and development

Our designers and developers work closely to merge all aspects of a project into one great experience.

  • Can’t even begin to say enough good things about
    their skills in web design and digital strategy.

    Melanie LangMelanie Lang, Director at CBaSE
  • We would absolutely recommend TYTUS to anyone
    looking to improve their business.

    Max St-MauriceMax St-Maurice, Owner at ISA